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Day 2



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Preemies 2012

2012 Preemie Tutorials by Cher Simnitt

Day 2






6. To a 3/4 well of thinner we add Flesh 07 (2 loaded brushes), Yellow Ocher (two loaded tips ), plus 3 drops Linseed Oil.
We are using an Outie sponge to pounce this layer for depth.

7. Trying not to over lap the pounces (to help keep the dimension). Then we Bake this layer after it has flashed off

8. Returning to the first flesh color (the peachycolor) I am adding a touch of lip/nail to do a thin wash on......

9. .... just the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.

10. Using the mop brush to blend the edges while checking for any areas that might have pooled paint in them.

11. Painting the palms of the hands.

12. Adding 2 touches of Yellow Ocher.. to the well of Flesh 07 (that we used on the previous flesh layer), we will use a different sponge to apply the next flesh layer.

13. The color we want is a peachy/apricot.

14. Pouncing the Peachy/Apricot Layer on all parts. This layer will complete our "Base" flesh Layers.

15. First Mottle Color: To a 3/4 well of thinner add 1/2 loaded brush of Dioxazine purple.

16.We then add a touch of Quinacradone Crimson.

17. And then finally a 1/2 loaded brush of Lip Nail.

18. The final color should be similar to the color shown here.

19. Loading the Inny/Outie sponge.

20. Applying the first layer of mottling with the sponge. Notice the color on the vinyl is barely noticeable.

21. After pouncing with the sponge, use your mop brush to soften circles that are too dark. There should be very few of these. If you notice a lot try thinning your paint.

22. After looking at the palms, I have decided to add a second wash of the mottle color. I am loving how this looks.

23. Blending the edges with the mop brush and checking for pooled paint.

24. Here are the results of the second wash. Just a subtle color change.

25. Off to the oven for another eight minutes!

26. Transfer some of our previous color to an empty well, making it 1/4 full. To this we are adding 1 loaded brush of eyelid purple.

27. Next, by adding thinner, we fill the well to 1/2 full.

28. The color on the left shows the now "slightly darker" mottle color.

29. To apply this Mottle layer, I will be using a tiny stencile sponge that I have plucked the center out of, using a pair of tweezers.

30. If you do not have one of these, but have lots of time, you can paint tiny circles all over your kit using this color. We are now applying the color to the sponge in a very light layer.

31. Pouncing circles with edges just touching. Notice how thin this paint is being applied and how little "color change" is being made.

32. If you are painting the circles with a small liner brush, the paint will go on thicker and will need to be blotted carefully with a cosmetic sponge.

33. Head after second Mottle layer.

34. For a third Mottle layer, fill your well to 3/4 full and add one loaded brush of Lip/Nail Blush.

35. Next we add 1/2 loaded brush of Warm Blush.

36. Here is our new color for our third Mottle layer.

37. Apply this layer using a Mini Inny, which is half of a cosmetic sponge plucked with tiny holes spaced closely together.

38. Comparing a Mini Inny Sponge and a Regular Inny Sponge.

39. Pouncing this layer with the Mini Inny Sponge on all vinyl parts (except for the soles and palms).

40. Although the color seems dark, notice how thin and translucent our new layer is. If your color is going on too dark, add more thinner.

41. Applying a third "Wash" layer of this color to the undersides of the hands and feet.

42. Beginning a new well that is 1/4 full of the last color, let's add a 1/4 brush of Lip/Nail and a 1/8 brush of Dioxazine Purple.
We now have "the Dusty Plum color" shown on the left.

43. Using a small liner brush we apply this color to every wrinkle and crease.

44. Using th Mop brush to blend and soften the shading. Then we are off to the oven one more time. This completes our Mottling layers.

45. We are now ready to begin applying veins. First I have taken a touch of Phalo Green and thinned it in a couple of drops of thinner.

46. Adding just a tiny touch from the liner brush, add Vein Blue for vein color.

47. Applying veins. Vein color is shown by the arrow above.

48. Pouncing with a plain cosmetic sponge to Soften the lines of the veins (so they appear to be just under the skin).

49. This is the vein color we have before pouncing.

50. This is how the Vein should appear after pouncing.








See you in Day Three!

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