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Preemies 2012

 2012 Preemie Tutorials by Cher Simnitt

 Day 1





1. These are my brushes. - You will need at least a 1in mop, a 1/4" flat filbert and a tiny liner brush.

2. Here is my 1" Maxine's Mop.

3. Here is my flat Filbert 1/4" (used to measure the amount of paint you will need). It is important to have the correct size.

4. This is one of several liner brushes I have used for detailing.

5a. You will need an assortment of inny and outie sponges. (See the "TUT" (by Tonya) in: the tutorial section of our CORA forum.)

5b. This is an Inny / Outee Sponge - Great for Mottling!

A cosmetic sponge plucked into raised quarter-sections
and the center plucked out (like a donut).

5c. This is a Mini Inny Sponge -
1/2 of a cosmetic sponge with tiny holes plucked into it.

(another picture of it can be seen in pic6 at the far left)

6. You will also need GHS paints.

 Reference List of Genesis Heat Set Paints


  Flesh 07    

  Flesh 08


Baby Skin

  Lip Nail Blush    

  Warm Blush


Red Oxide

  Yellow Ocher    

  Phthalo Green    

  Phthalo Blue    

  Eyelid Purple    

  Dioxazine Purple    

  Quinacridone Crimson  

  Raw Sienna    

  Ultra Marine Blue


Vein Blue

  Nail Tip


White & Yellow

  Vein Blue    

Colors are for aproximation only. They will vary a little from the original paints.


7. Linseed Oil. This will be used (2 to 3 drops) in flesh layers only.

8. I keep my thinner in a dropper bottle as it makes filling the paint wells so much easier

9. And of course You will need a kit !!
I have chosen Caleb and he is a very tiny lil one.

10. I start by filling my paint well 3/4 full of thinner.

11. I am going to make a thin wash of warm blush. I have used 1/2 of a loaded brush. (only one side of the brush)

12. I am now adding lip nail blush by BB. (Their pre-mixes )
I use 1/2 loaded brush of this as well.

13. The color we want is a brick red.
(A red with plenty of rusty /orangy undertones.)

14. Add more thinner to fill the well now and dilute the wash even more.

15. Apply the wash with a brush and then allow to "flash off" (almost dry but not quite).

16. Comparing head with one wash to bare vinyl leg.

17. Once they have flashed off some pounce with your mop brush to blend.

18. While Pouncing, be sure and get all of the little creases and check for pooled paint.

19. I applied two washes of this color and baked between each layer Notice how much closer to my skin coloring this brought the skin tones !

20. Also note the color change from the original color (on the flange)

21. Bake between each wash to prevent streaking and mutteling of colors - I know some say you dont have to do this but I found it not to work as well as if I bake each time.

22. Now we will do our First Flesh layer. -Start with a 3/4 full well of thinner and add 2 loaded brushes of Flesh 08.

23. Then add "a touch" of lip /nail blush color.
(Just the tip of the brush loaded with paint. )

24. This is the pinky /flesh color we are after! I am doing a brush of flesh 08, then the lip/nail, then another flesh 08. (You can do both flesh 08 and then add the lip/nail if you prefer.)

25. Now add 3 drops of linseed oil and mix VERY well.

26. Brushing on the flesh mixture.

27. Pouncing with a plain cosmetic sponge. Once it is applied to all parts and allowed to flash off, we will look each piece over making sure we have no pooled paint or chalkyness anywhere. Then we bake!

28. Next we add about 1/2 brush of Yellow Ocher to the above mix.

29. -This will make a peachy/apricot color.

30.This layer is being applied with the Inny Sponge- (trying not to over lap the pounced areas to allow the most depth to show up).

31. Making sure to stir the paint
with every new application to the sponge

32. Notice the effect the inny sponge has given us. Also note how very thin and translucent this layer has been applied.

If you should find that your paint looks thicker than this,
add more thinner!


See you in Day Two!






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